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1 ½ teaspoons salt Directions In electric mixer, combine 1/4 cup water and yeast. Let stand until yeast is creamy, 10 minutes. Add remaining water, both flours, and salt; mix on low speed using paddle, 2 minutes. Change to the dough hook and mix on medium-low speed until dough is firm, 8 minutes. Or knead by hand, 15 to 20 minutes.

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The green sea of wheat is interrupted by a blue cornflower in the upper left and the pink bindweed in the lower right. this decorative painting to his friend, the artist Paul Gauguin, as follows: 'nothing more than ears of wheat, green-blue stalks, long, ribbon-like leaves, under a sheen of green and pink; ears of wheat, yellowing slightly, with.

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Benchmark: 48 grains/ear - 22,000 grains/m 2 Varietal influence: High (grains/ear) Other influences: Shoot numbers, pests The benchmark for grain number per ear is 48. With 460 surviving fertile shoots/m 2, this gives 22,000 grains/m 2.

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Wheat is a grass widely cultivated for its seed, a cereal grain that is a worldwide staple food.. The result is that when threshed, the wheat ear breaks up into spikelets. To obtain the grain, further processing, such as milling or pounding, is needed to remove the hulls or husks.

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Most popular Isolated wheat Isolated wheat. Two wheat ears isolated on white with clipping path Wheat and rye composition on white cardboard, close up Wheat icons Yellow wheat ear isolated on white Yellow wheat ear isolated on white background Wheat field Composite image of wheat field with bright blue sky.

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Abstract. Wheat growth and yield simulation models often have an element which traces plant development, generally by taking a few selected development stages and estimating the time which elapses between them. The criteria which are used to select these stages, and thus the phases of development which they demarcate, are considered in this paper.

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This jewel is composed of 9 ears of wheat set with more than 66 carats of old-cut diamonds set in gold and silver. The item was acquired in 2011, and it is one of the oldest pieces of jewellery in the Chaumet collection. Its status as a "manifesto" derives from several features: first, it perfectly illustrates the art of the tiara, a.

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Socrates asked his disciples to pick up the biggest ear of wheat along their way on one condition, they can NOT go back to pick wheat they have already passed. The disciples walked through the field, looking at an ear of wheat and shaking their heads; looking at another and shaking their heads again. Some disciples did try to pick a few ears.

Karen`s Nature Photography Ear of Wheat.

Cultivars with awns, i.e., threadlike extensions of the lemma, have up to 50% increased surface areas of the ear in bread wheat 13 and up to 60% increased surface areas of the ear in longer-awned.

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The ears of wheat ('sheblo' in Syriac) also represent the law of flexibility and harmony in symbolism because spikes are resistant to all kinds of stormy weather due to their flexibility and slope strength. The fact that they always manage to stand up despite all the adverse weather conditions symbolizes resistance, strength, and flexibility.

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Ears of Wheat Vincent van Gogh Date: 1890; Auvers-sur-oise, France Style: Post-Impressionism Genre: landscape Media: oil, canvas Order Oil Painting reproduction Tags: fields-and-plains Plant Grass Grass family Vincent van Gogh Famous works The Potato Eaters • 1885 Paul Gauguin's Armchair • 1888 Red Vineyards at Arles • 1888

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(hwiːt ) variable noun Wheat is a cereal crop grown for food. Wheat is also used to refer to the grain of this crop, which is usually ground into flour and used to make bread. [.] See full entry for 'wheat' Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers Definition of 'ear' ear (ɪəʳ ) countable noun

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The ear cockle disease of wheat occurs in most of the wheat-growing parts of the world. In India, the disease commonly occurs in U.P., Punjab and Western part of Bihar, and is popularly known as "sehun" disease. Singh et al. (1953) reported 30% annual loss in U.P. due to this disease. Besides loss in yield, the disease produces toxic.