140 Guess Who Jokes That Are Hillarious!

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You are presenting a collection of puns and playful jokes to lighten your mood and spark a smile. From whimsical wordplay to hilariously hypothetical scenarios, this is your ticket to laughter. Let's kick off the fun with our Guesswork Games and much more. Table of Contents Giggly Guesswork Games Guess what?

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The Best Way to Play Guess Who Guess Who was one of my all time favorite games growing up. I fondly remember playing for hours with my little brother Sam. As an adult it's still one of my go-to games, but now I play with a twist. If you've been here for a while you've probably seen the wacky way my family plays Guess Who. We ditch the regular rules where you ask questions about the person.

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Guess what? Chicken butt! While this was a classic quip in grade school in the 90s, it is not the most eggs-emplary wisecrack. For those comedi-hens who are peckish for some pun-filled guess what jokes, we've been working around the cluck and have laid down some options that will have you eggs-ploding with laughter!

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The 'Guess Who' jokes are one of the variations of 'Guess what' jokes. It should not be confused with the Guess Who game, a fun two-player board game for children aged six and above. In it, the goal is to figure out your opponent's mystery character before they do.

140 Guess Who Jokes That Are Hillarious!

The Best guess who jokes Military was standing outside my house, guess what I did? I-ran I got a wooden bike with wooden handles and wheels, guess what? It woo-den start. The shooter is opening a new store, guess what he named it? Target. Guess what, Facebook. I'm not going to tell you what's on my mind today.

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July 15, 2023 by Amanda Share a laugh with a friend! Facebook Twitter Pinterest 12 Get ready to laugh out loud with these 100 hilarious guess what jokes that will keep you entertained and guessing. From clever riddles to witty wordplay, these jokes are perfect for sharing with friends, family, or anyone who loves a good laugh.

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These funny knock-knock jokes will keep everyone guessing. Bring these classic dad jokes back to life with our funny knock-knock jokes for kids and corny knock-knock jokes that'll.

50+ Best Guess What Jokes

Introduction Guess Who is a classic board game that has entertained generations with its intriguing mix of deduction and mystery. But did you know that it's also a goldmine for jokes and laughter? In this article, we've compiled over 147+ one-liners and puns that will tickle your funny bone while keeping the spirit of Guess Who alive.

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1. Guess how all the oceans say hello to each other? They wave! 2. I opened the creepy closet, guess what I found? Narnia business. 3. I won a rain dance competition, guess what I got? Pneumonia.

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1. Guess what, Facebook? I'm not going to tell you what's on my mind today. 2. My wife told me that women were better at multi-tasking than men. So, I told her to sit down and shut up. Guess what? She couldn't do either. 3. My boss just came back from his holidays; guess what country he went to? To Boss-Bados. 4.

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These guess what jokes are often called 'guess who jokes' because they often work in the same manner, while guess what jokes ask for a non-human answer guess who j0kes ask for a human or animate answer. The two group/types of jokes are typically grouped together as I've done here.

140 Guess Who Jokes That Are Hillarious!

Guess What Jokes . Guess what? The answer to "stressed" is spelling it backward. - Desserts. My brother dressed up as a bird this Halloween; guess what he said? - Trick or tweet. There was a candy party, guess who was late as usual? - Choco-late. I had a dream about an orange ocean last night. Guess what? - It was a Fanta Sea.

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A boulder, a pebble, and a stone walked into a concert, guess what they did? They rocked and rolled all night long! Guess what? I have a joke about time travel, but you didn't like it. Knick-knack paddywhack, guess what that old man gave his dog? He gave his dog a bone! Guess what I said to the man wearing a t-shirt?

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This joke may contain profanity. 🤔 I am over 18 Guess who's no longer a 24 year old virgin..i turned 25 yesterday. Guess who stopped smoking this morning? Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi upvote downvote report Guess who I bumped into on my way to the eye doctor! >!Everybody!< upvote downvote report Guess who's getting some head tonight My pillow

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Guess what jokes are the best for sharing. They'll make people of all ages and backgrounds laugh. Plus, you won't be able to stop laughing. Photo courtesy of Canva. 1. I opened a mysterious closet. Guess what I found? Narnia business. 2. Guess what I have right now? Your ear. 3. Guess what I named my new computer processor? Chip. 4.

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